Yoga Mat reviews

This is an objective and comprehensive review of some of the leading yoga mat brands in the market. the review does involve five different brands, these include the XRSize Natural Organic Tree Rubber Yoga mat and Pilates, Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, Tomuno 68” by 24” by 5mm Natural Rubber Yoga Mat, Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats and Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat. The review is meant to help yoga enthusiasts make an informed decision by looking at the both the benefits and disadvantages of the product from a very objective and open minded source.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mat

When choosing your yoga mat, there are several factors one has to take into consideration apart from the price. These include but are not limited to factors such as the type or form of yoga practice you will be performing; there are mats that are ideal for unheated yoga and those that are ideal for hot yoga. The thickness and size of the mat is also an important factor when choosing a mat for practice. It is also important to assess the level of grippiness of the mat. Lastly, it is also imperative that one considers the weight of the mat, this is especially important if you intend to be doing some walking with the mat from one place to another.

These mats are ideal for both seasoned and new yoga practitioners who are keen on enhancing their yoga practice experience. A good mat is a very important accessory for anyone who is keen on practicing yoga, this is because there is nothing more frustrating than using a mat that’s without grip, constantly moves from one spot to the other or one that’s too small for your use. A good mat keeps you knees, arms and spine healthy and makes your yoga practice interesting and enjoyable.

How I selected Top Products

The mats reviewed below were chosen after careful consideration of some of the most popular and highly sought mats in the market. The choices made on the top products were also considered after taking cognizance of complaints and complements many yoga users have raised over the years about their mats through numerous yoga mat reviews. The reviews are not only objective but are also quite informative.

Picture Name Price Rating
xrsize-best-yoga-mat XRSize Yoga Mat $$ 4.9
Manduka-PRO-Yoga-Mat Manduka PRO Yoga Mat $$$ 4.5
Tomuno-yoga-mat Tomuno Yoga Mat $$ 4.6
Aurorae-Yoga-mat Aurorae Yoga Mat $$ 4.6
jade-yoga-mat Jade Yoga Mat $$ 4.6

#1 XRSize Natural Organic Tree Rubber and Pilates Yoga Mat Review


Why this mat?

This XRSize yoga mat stands out from the rest due to a number of factors. First and foremost, it prides itself in having the least rubber smell when compared against its competitors, this is mainly due to the proprietary formulation of eco-friendly, bio-degradable deodorant, that significantly reduces the smell of rubber by up to eighty percent (80%). Another reason why this is a must-have yoga mat is its patented power grip design that offers users exceptional anti-skid protection that’s unmatched in the market.

What are the Unique Features?

Some of the unique features of this mat is its open cel design which guarantees you that the more you sweat, the grippier the mat gets; yes you read right! The unit also has 5mm thickness; this offers some significant extra padding for the elbows, knees and spine without compromising your safety as you grip the floor for balance poses or lunges. It is also worth mentioning that the mat is made, in its entirety, from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

What are the benefits?

  • The unit is phthalate free, non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it ideal for use by people of all ages.
  • It is quite long lasting and durable; this is especially so due to the extra thickness that’s been added onto the mat
  • The mat performs pretty well when in use because it doesn’t shift or slide during use, it retains its grip even when wet and is quite soft to the touch
  • This is an XRSize mat, it is extra long at 72” an extra 10% when you compare with standard mats, this makes it ideal for use by tall people
  • It is sold with a 100% money back guarantee
  • It is organic; therefore it doesn’t emit the rubber smell which many people tend to dislike

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

The Cons of XRSize Yoga Mat

One of the main complaints that many people have lodged is that the mat does attract some dirt quite easily.

#2 Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Review


Why this mat?

At ¼ inch thick, this is without doubt one of the thickest sticky mats, making this roughly twice as thick as the average mats, this helps the user cushion him/herself when practicing . With a length of 180 cm or 71 inches, this mat is three (3) inches longer than standard mats. At 66 cm or 26 inches the mat is two (2) inches wider than standard mats; this offers enough room for comfortable practice. The mat has a closed cell construction on its surface; this surface does prevent microbes, moisture or bacteria from absorbing into the mat.

What are the unique features?

The mat weighs 7.0 lbs, has a length of 71 inches, a width of 26 inches and a thickness of .25 inches. With these measurements, the mat does offer a very huge roll for users. The roll ensures that even when you are stretched out on your stomach, you whole body remains on the mat. It is also worth noting that just like other Manduka mats, this mat does have a very unique dotted bottom surface which holds the mat in place during practice.

What are the benefits?

  • The large roll allows you to start on different spots on the mat when doing various Asanas, this puts less wear and tear on the same spots.
  • The mat is very dense and firm with enough tactile feeling as well
  • For many people, the mat has just enough padding for the knees and is easy to roll and unroll as well.
  • Many users also assert that the mat has a near perfect grip, with some yoga lovers even being able to use it without a towel for hot yoga

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

The Con of Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Due to its size and roll, storing this mat may be a problem if you don’t have enough space. It is also worth mentioning that the mat is also quite heavy and is therefore not ideal for carrying around when and if you are on the move.

#3 Tomuno 68” by 24” by 5mm Natural Rubber  Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


Why this mat?

This mat is without doubt one of the best mats for unheated yoga; this is mainly due to the rubber material used and grippy nature of the mat. This mat is also unique as it is designed for special joint issues. The mat is five percent (5%) thicker than 3/16-inch mats, this goes a long way in providing unusual but safe cushioning for the wrists and knees.

What are the Unique Features?

Unlike most mats which seem to have the wrong and right side, this mat has two relatively distinct textures. There is a side that seems to provide more friction and another side that’s slightly less textured. It is important to note though that both sides are still non-slip. The mat is also quite thick and cushy, offering the user some significant comfort when using it.

What are the Benefits?

  • The mat does make yoga practice quite enjoyable and comfortable; this is especially pronounced on the knees, sacrum and wrists.
  • The mat is also quite solid and sticky, it doesn’t move or pull as most mats sold at this price, this is very important for beginners as it helps them move to the next level of practice quite fast and easily
  • When compared with other mats in this category, this particular mat has a very pocket friendly price point.

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The Cons of Tomuno Yoga Mat

  • Many people complain that the mat is a tad too heavy and one cannot therefore easily carry it on his or her back.
  • Users also complain that the mat doesn’t come in many fun colors so as to satisfy different tastes.

#4 Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats


Why this mat?

This mat is eco-safe and is free from phthalates, latex, rubber, silicone and is also biodegradable. This has been confirmed by the Oeko-Tex test and approvals. The mat is made from patented PER mat; a new effective and efficient non toxic resin. Further to the above, the mat has also been tested against harmful substances and approved as safe. This ensures that the mat is not only comfortable to use but safe as well.

What are the unique features?

The ¼ inch thickness of the mat does provide the perfect surface for protecting the joints and knees while still allowing the user to firmly grip the floor for the requisite balance poses. The mat does also have a focal point icon which helps the user focus on his poses.

What are the benefits?

  • The unit is durable, easy to maintain and care for and very long lasting
  • The mat is available in a wide array of fun and illuminating colors that help the user define his inner self when practicing yoga
  • The mat is very durable, with users in many yoga mat reviews noting that they have used the mat on a daily basis for more that sixteen (16) months or more with no significant wear and tear being visible
  • The mat also does not leave any residue on the user; this is quite pronounced if you previously had a mat that left some discoloration on your knees after use
  • There is no rubbery smell when using this mat; this is because it doesn’t have any phthalates. Alternatively, as recommended by Aurorae you can put a little lemon on the mat when it is still new so as to eliminate the smell pretty fast.
  • The thickness is perfect, not too thin and not too thick

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

The Cons of Aurorae Yoga Mat

The common problem with this mat is that you have to use the powder pack that comes with the mat otherwise it becomes quite sticky when in use.

#5 Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat Reviews


Why this mat?

Made with open cell, natural rubber, it does have what can only be termed as terrific slip resistance, giving users some peace of mind when practicing even if the mat gets wet with lots of perspiration. It is also made using no ozone depleting or PVC substances. It is also important to note that the mat does come in different lengths, the 68 inch and the 74-inch lengths.

What are the unique features?

The mat does take advantage of the non-slip properties of natural rubber; this has for all intents and purposes made it one of the best slip resistance mats on the market. This also gives the unit some exceptional resilience as well. The unit does also offer incomparable cushioning and unmatched compression set to users. All in all, this mat does offer the perfect balance of cushion and traction to any enthusiast.

What are the benefits?

  • The mat is readily available in a variety of fun colors which make practicing yoga quite interesting
  • This is a non-slip mat that’s quite ideal for use in a variety of yoga practice exercises
  • Unless you are doing some core yoga, you won’t need to use a towel as the mat is quite comfortable
  • It is an excellent quality mat that’s easy on the back and knees. The mat does also offer some great length for users when compared against other standard mats

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

The Cons of Jade Yoga Mat

  • There are some concerns raised about its durability, especially when you take into consideration the price of the mat.
  • It is also worth mentioning that you should never expose the mat to direct sunlight as this is bound to ruin the stickiness of the mat.

Final Verdict

The market is awash with a wide variety of high quality mats offered at relatively fair and affordable price points. All one needs to do is to know where to look at and what to look out for. By going through the above yoga mat reviews, it is quite obvious that there is a yoga mat for everyone. If you want something that’s eco-friendly and without the rubber smell then you should opt for the popular Natural Organic Tree Rubber and Pilates or the Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats. For those who trust the Manduka brand name then Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is the ideal choice if the rave reviews are anything to by. For those users who want a thick mat that’s ideal for unheated yoga, then the Tomuno 68” by 24” by 5mm Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is the best option out there in the market. For users who are keen on a tough, comfortable and slip resistant mat then the Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat should be your choice. There is something for everyone.