Every time you log into our website we collect your user specific information. We want to keep improving your experience on our site and this information helps us understand your preferences and give you exactly what you want. The information we collect include your geographical location, IP addresses, Email addresses and usernames. We use two methods to collect your data. One, we provide log in forms for you to fill when you are accessing the site. Second, we configure our system in such a way that it automatically collects your specific user data. We make your browsing sessions as informative as possible and this would not be possible without this information. The information cannot be used to specifically identify your actual identity.

How we collect your information

The best rated websites collect information about their users to ensure visitor satisfaction. We are not an exception. We gather your information when you log into our site. We keep this information and we use it to tailor our products and services to keep suiting your changing needs. When you change information such as email address or username, our system automatically updates your information and we never miss keeping track of your changing preferences. So, the next time you log into our website you know that we are keeping an eye on your personal information and it is all for giving you the best services and making your browsing sessions flawless.

Web Beacons and Cookies

As you already know, we trail your browsing and online preferences. We do this so that we can tailor our content to the needs of each visitor. It is from this that we are able to give you and our other visitors what they want. We use beacons and cookies to relay information you may be interested in such as from amazon, amazon affiliates and Google Adsense. Our site advertisers will take these cookies and beacons to develop content which you may be interested in and display it on your page. They do these from their servers and guided by their own rules. If you find this infringing to your browsing, you can contact the advertisers or see what their cookies policy says about disabling them on your page.

Third Parties

We have advertisers on our sites who would want to bring to your attention their products and services. We allow them such place to improve our services as well as bring on board products and services which we may not offer but you still want to know about them. These parities bring their adverts on your page when you are logged into our site. If you are not happy with the third party adverts, you can change your browse preferences and keep them away.

Your Information is secure

The information we gather about your browsing and online preferences is not under any circumstances used for malicious purpose. We use it for improving our services and nothing more. We also share it with our third party partners to ensure that our services come as a full package of what you may want. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to raise the issue with us and we will solve it instantly.