Whenever someone looks for a quality or best yoga mat around the market, there is one thing in common. The person gets too many options available in front of him and it becomes a tough task to choose one from a huge list of yoga mats. If you are a yoga person or even an exercise enthusiast, you know the importance of a yoga mat. If you are an experienced person then you should also know that it is tough to find an eco-friendly yoga mat in today’s market. Therefore, this article will have special significance as it is not only going to discuss a product that is considered one of the best yoga mat but also is an eco-friendly yoga mat.

The Features of XRSize Yoga Mat

XRSize is a popular brand when it comes to yoga mats and like any other good brands, they made sure that they do not only sell a product, but they also sell features. This yoga mat has tons of features in it which helps the product to differentiate itself from others in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this yoga mat.

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No Bunching

If you are new to doing yoga or exercise, it will be a bit tough for you to understand the importance of this feature but if you are familiar with yoga, you should know that one big part of doing yoga is being able to concentrate. Now, do you think it is easy to concentrate with a relaxed mind if your yoga mat bunches here and there whenever you move on it? Well, this product solves that problem for you. Many people won’t get the importance of this simple feature, but you will understand it if you use other products from the market.

Powergrip Technology

best yoga mat

No matter what is your favorite position, you will be able to hold that position for a real long time with the help of power grip technology that comes with this best yoga mat. This is a patented technology which means that the company doesn’t share much info about it. On the other hand, you don’t need the information because information doesn’t offer comfort, the product itself does.

Eco-Friendly Best Yoga Mat

Most yoga mats use rubber to be made. It is considered a common practice and people didn’t think that this is a wrong deed to nature till XRSize introduced their eco-friendly yoga mats. The mats are made of natural tree rubber. Note that these are also rubbers but they are not made in a warehouse with the help of chemicals. According to the authority, the organic rubber is 100% safe for especially mothers and kids so if you are one of them or have one of them in your family, you should go with this yoga mat.


Best Yoga Mat

Comfort is one of the key features that you need in a yoga mat. If the mat is not comfortable, no matter what else the mat offers you can’t go for it and this brand knows about the issue. The product is comfortable in every sense. The mat itself is thick enough to give you that extra comfort you need while you are doing yoga. The thick nature will also help you to get rid of cold floors or tiles while you are doing your regular yoga. The thickness is on an optimal level and according to the customers; it also helps you to reduce the fatigue level which is another important part.

Good Length

Length is important even if you are the shortest person of the earth. Length is not only important because your body is long and it needs a lengthy mat to be in. Length is important because yoga has a lot to do with your mind and a long mat helps your mind to broaden up which indirectly enhances your ability to control your mind for yoga. This yoga mat is 10% (equivalent to 4 inches) longer than the regular yoga mats that we have in the market.


Best Yoga Mat

Currently, the product has two different variations for you to choose from. The regular option is the black yoga mat, but there is another option to pick. This is a charcoal colored option that looks elegant. If you are a classy person and want something different for your yoga purpose then you can break the shuttle of using black yoga mats with the help of this charcoal colored mat. Color is not the only feature that this mat offers. It is a bundle mat that comes with a carrier bag, key pouch, cell phone carrier and some other extra benefits. You should also know that this version costs a bit more than the regular black one.

The Cons of XRSize Yoga Mat

Though most people who used this product loved it, there are a few cons of this yoga mat and you should know about them too before buying.

  1. There is no sewing on the mat. This is a one-piece item that has an organic cotton core surrounded by organic tree rubber having two distinct textures – the top for practice, and the bottom for gripping the floor.
  2. There is NO sticker anywhere on this mat. That statement was from an unhappy person and is only their opinion of what they observed. This is actually an intricate logo that has been carefully silkscreened onto the mat in the bottom right corner that does not interfere with any practice routines.
  3. The mat is an open-cel design that the more you sweat, the grippier it gets. This is due to the open-cel design which wicks away sweat and is totally opposite to closed-cel designs that will get very slippery when you sweat on them.
  4. I have had small complaints that this mat is heavier than your standard “Cheapie”. This being said, they also said that this is a very small proce to pay for having the stability and cushion that is available with this mat. I have addressed this concern by offering the charcoal model that comes complete with a carry bag for easy transport to and from class.

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Final Thoughts

There are a few fixed benefits of buying a branded product. You always get a great customer service even if the product doesn’t work out. This can be an added lifeline for you if you are confused about buying this product. You should not be confused as this is one of the best yoga mats right now in the market but if you are still worrying, a good method is to go through the customer reviews and ratings. All customers who bought this product gave it a good review and rating. Customers are strict by nature and when you find them giving good reviews, it means that the product is actually of a great quality. Yoga is all about experience and this product will help you to take your experience to the next level. Hopefully, you will have lots of successful yoga sessions with this yoga mat.