yoga mat bag
Yoga Mat Bag

Traveling with your yoga mat has never been this exciting! The Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag combines functionality and classic design to ensure you carry your yoga mat in a style. This yoga mat bag has large space to fit your Pilates, yoga and fitness mat. It’s made of 100% cotton for durability and easy cleaning. This yoga bag comes in various embroidery designs and colors so you can choose your favorite color. Let’s explore all the aspects of this yoga mat.

Key Features

  • Exterior zippered pocket for essentials
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfort
  • Drawstring top closure
  • Fits almost all mat sizes
  • 100% cotton; machine washable
  • Measures 24-inch Length and 6-inch diameter

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Features and Specifications

If you want to carry your yoga mat in a fashionable and lovely bag, the Gaiam Top-Loading may be all that you need. It’s a guarantee you will love its features that are customized to meet your needs.

Large Space (Roomy)

This yoga mat is roomy enough to fit your yoga, Pilates or fitness mat. Unlike most yoga bags that fit only certain mats, the Gaiam is designed to fit almost all yoga mats. You will be able to carry even large yoga mats like the YoFoMat. However, you have to roll your mat tightly to ensure it is properly secured.

Beautiful Embroidery

This yoga mat bag is very beautiful since it features exceptional embroidery. It is designed for those who love to travel in a style! Also, it comes in various colors like radiance, chakra, sublime, harmony and mosaic giving you an option to choose your preferred color. You can also order different colors to match your clothes. I love the radiance because it matches almost every cloth design and color.

Exterior Zippered Pocket

The Gaiam Top-loading yoga mat bag comes with an exterior zippered pocket to secure your belongings in a style. During, from or to yoga practices, you will have the convenience of carrying your exercise items. It also comes with drawstring clasp to tightly secure your mat.

Easy and Quick Storage

Do you want a bag that allows you to store quickly and retrieve your yoga mat? I found this bag very useful since I can retrieve and secure my yoga mat fast when I go to the park. Just loosen the top drawstring and quickly slide your tightly rolled yoga mat into the bag.

Comfortable Shoulder Strap

It’s shoulder strap is very cozy on your shoulder and doesn’t hurt. The strap is easily adjustable to your preferred carrying position and height. This shoulder strap is also correctly positioned to ensure you don’t bare much weight when carrying your yoga mat.

The Pros of Yoga Mat Bag

  • Fits even extra large yoga mats
  • Great Quality and Beautiful design
  • Easy to put and retrieve yoga mat
  • Comfortable, adjustable carrying strap

The Cons of Yoga Mat Bag

  • The drawstring clasp may not fully close if you fit very large yoga mat.
  • It’s not perfect for those who love double-strapped yoga bags.

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The Gaiam Top-Loading is a great yoga mat bag for all people who love beautiful items. It’s roomy to fit your yoga exercise items. If you are travelling, you will appreciate the comfortable adjustable shoulder strap that ensures you don’t bear the mat’s weight. This yoga bag features various colors with different embroidery designs allowing you to choose your best color. The Gaiam yoga mat bag is a great purchase.